The Men

We are going to list as many names of the African-American Army Engineers who we can find. Please email if you know the name and the unit of someone who helped in the construction of the Alaska Highway.

Or leave a comment below. Thanks!

Nehemiah Atkinson - New Orleans, LA

Reginald Beverly - Ruther Glen, VA

Frank J. Brehon - Port St. Lucie, FL

Bishop Edward G. Carroll - Baltimore, MD

Wesley J. Davis - Winterhaven, FL

Albert E. France - Cooksville, MD

Donald W. Nolan, Sr. - Baltimore, MD

Alexander Powell - Quincy, FL

Willie Richardson - Bronx, NY

Irving Smith - Philadelphia, PA

Richard D. Trent - Pittsburgh, PA

Walter Dudrow, Commanding Officer - Ormond Beach, FL

Col. Walter Parsons, Commanding Officer - Bryan, TX

Joseph M. Haskin - Beaumont, TX

Albert Stanley Sylva worked on the Alcan in 1942


Bishop Dave Thomas said...

What an amazing task this was.....

Unknown said...

My great uncle, Reginald Beverly - Ruther Glen, VA - listed on this site will celebrate his 100th birthday this tomorrow, January 31, 2015. It would seem that the cold only made him stronger!