About Us

This site's purpose is to inform the world about the dedication, hard work, and accomplishments of the all black Army regiments (93rd, 95th and 97th) and the 388th who worked on the Canol Piplene project during World War II. All played a vital role in constructing the Alaska Highway and who represented all blacks in America. (The 97th actually worked on the Alaska portion of the highway)

Jean Pollard, M.Ed. is a retired educator and serves as Chairman of "The Alaska Alcan Highway Project, a fund of the Anchorage Park Foundation" in Anchorage, Alaska. She may be reached at 907-764-7464; jean.pollard@gmail.com

The Alaska Highway Project started as a fund of the "Anchorage Park Foundation," in Anchorage, Alaska.

The Alaska Highway Project Board of Directors:
Jean Pollard - CHAIRPERSON,  Retired educator;  Educational Coordinator
Jim Dault - PROJECT MANAGER  and  MEMORIAL Sculptor
Shala Dobson - SECRETARY, Retired Teacher  and MEMORIAL Sculptor
Lael Morgan - ADVISOR
Dr. Katie Ringsmuth - ADVISOR
Pam Orme - ADVISOR

The Alaska Highway Project Mission Statement:
1. To honor the African American Army Engineers who built the Alaska section of the Alaska Highway during World War II.
2.  We plan to honor them by building a Memorial in an Anchorage Park. We will create an educational component, that will be included in the Alaska Studies Curriculum, detailing their historic contribution to the State of Alaska.